Open Friday (7/3) from 5 – 10 PM


Sanctuary will be open this Friday (7/3) from 5-10 p.m. under Oregon’s Phase 1 rules!

Thank you for supporting Sanctuary during the toughest and strangest of times. We’re excited to see you again

Some rules might not seem to make sense, but we will enforce them for the greater good. We all can see some states re-opening the wrong way. Let’s be smarter than dumb.


In March, Sanctuary closed before the rest of Oregon to keep you healthy. Providing a safe environment remains paramount. Per Oregon executive order, everyone must mask up* and temps will be taken upon entry. All surfaces will be sanitized with chemicals and UV light. Windows will be open and air purifiers will work to pull the bad stuff.

Real talk: no amount of cleaning can create a perfect bubble. Therefore, if you feel sick, have a fever, are or live with people who are more vulnerable to the virus, we urge you to stay home.


Phase 1 rules require 6-foot distance between groups. Groups are between 1-10 people. Groups should be people that have been with each other recently or are comfortable with each other. This will be your social circle. Since Sanctuary has limited space, we will give priority to groups. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to make reservations to hold your space.

Contact: or message

Expect things to be a little slower as we learn the ropes and clean every area after use.

*Masks may affect communication for some people with hearing disabilities. We will have dry erase boards if desired.

**Of course you can lift your mask to drink and eat.

***Don’t try to fake a medical condition to avoid wearing a mask. First, you would be abusing the ADA designed to help people with actual disabilities. Second, if you aren’t disabled you can’t make an ADA claim anyway. Third, everyone will be mad at you.