Week Ending September 19, 2020


We wish everyone the best during this terrible fire season.

There is no way to express the gravity of the situation and our hearts go out to everyone affected.

Sanctuary will be open Wed (6 p.m.), Thursday (5 p.m.), Fri (5 p.m.) and Sat (5 p.m.) during September as long as Portland is still in Phase 1. Due to the instability of state plans, Sanctuary will only present each week at a time on this page. Everyone must wear a mask. Phase 1 events have a 10 p.m. curfew.

WEDNESDAY Neon Game Bang! (6 p.m.) Your favorite Wednesday event is back – with black lights! Sanctuary will be bathed in UV glory for your pleasure…don your best neon gear and prepare to game in the glow. Play games, hang out, stay safe. Sanctuary’s covid protocols have drawn praise. Everything must be wiped down and sanitized. Oregon is still in Phase 1. Masks are on except when eating or drinking. Please show those around you proper courtesy. Due to the current requirements, we are going to limit groups to certain games: Janky Jenga, group pictionary, truth or dare and the type. You may choose to play different board games with your group. We want people to be able to play safe. $10 cover

THURSDAY (5 p.m.) Furry Fun & Pet Play: Feel the full fury of the furry furries, just pet a dog, or BE that very dog. Wear your collars and leashes, tails & ears. $10. Respect others & define your boundaries. Portland is still in Phase 1. By now, we expect you to understand these rules. Masks are required. Respect social distancing. Oregon defines groups as 2-10 people. Sanctuary is 21+, LGBTQ+, ADA, celebrates diversity, and anti-racism.

FRIDAY (5 p.m.) NAKED KARAOKE*… *No one actually has to be naked for naked karaoke. We just like the name. Sing your heart out and your pants off as karaoke returns to Sanctuary featuring DJ Staggs. $10. 21+ Portland is still in Phase 1. Masks are required except when eating, drinking or performing. Singing will be limited to the stage area with a 10-foot perimeter. As all of Phase 1, Sanctuary has great ventilation and air flow. The windows will be open so they will hear you in the streets! No pressure. Every singer will get their own mic. If we run out of mics, they must be disinfected before they can be used by another singer. Oregon defines a group as 2-10 people. If you want to sit with your group, we strongly recommend reservations at info@pdxsanctuary.com.Sanctuary is LGBTQ+, ADA, and anti-racism. Guest list is hidden for privacy. Enter on ninth.

SATURDAY (5 p.m.) Spanktuary: Spanktuary returns to Sanctuary for those who love rosy cheeks. Portland is still in Phase 1 so space will be limited and we will not allow cruising or roaming. See below for a walk-through of Covid policy. This event welcomes all kinds of kinks including impact play, rope, bondage, electrical play, role playing and more! We welcome all people 21+, regardless of color, race, religion, sexual identity or gender. Our mission is to put play first and give everyone an opportunity to explore their fantasies! Spanktuary features: · Sectioned off play spaces to limit interruptions. · Experienced tasters. · Dungeon furniture including a St. Andrews Cross, spanking benches, and multiple hardpoints.. · Featured scenes throughout the night. NOTE this event runs 5-10 p.m. due to Portland curfew. Dress Code: Please make an effort! Fetishwear, all-black, and lingerie are all encouraged. Work clothes, athletic wear and street clothes are discouraged. RULES · CONSENT! CONSENT!! CONSENT!!! o DO NOT touch anyone or anything that does not belong to you without express consent. · Treat EVERYONE with kindness and respect · Be respectful of scenes Do not interrupt scenes by entering their space, touching the people involved or having loud conversations near them. · Speak with a Dungeon Monitor or Party Host before moving furniture · ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONE USE · No predatory behavior · No gun, blade, blood, urine, scat, vomit, fire, wax, breath, or race play · Calling “RED” or “SAFEWORD” will be seen as a call for immediate stoppage of a scene and will alert the Dungeon Monitors. · PLEASE use common sense · Have a good time!

Sanctuary is 21+, LGBTQ+, ADA, and does not discriminate based on race, gender or sexual preference.

Portland is still under Oregon’s Phase 1 rules!

We’ve had several weeks to perfect our Covid protocol and we are pretty solid. As the science reporter Apoorva Mandavilli says: “There are ways to be responsible and socialize, but people don’t seem to be able to draw the line between what’s OK and what is not. For too many people, it seems to be binary — they are either on lockdown or taking no precautions.”
We will be taking responsible precautions.

***If you have Covid symptoms, are high risk, or have been in contact with an infected person in the last 14 days, please stay home***

MASK RULES: You must wear a mask in all common areas. You do not need to wear a mask in your group’s area or while eating or drinking. If you don’t want to wear a mask, stay home.

GROUPS: A group is defined as 2-10 people. These should be people you know and feel comfortable around. You will be seated together. Therefore, while you do not HAVE to come in group, we strongly recommend it. A group is defined as 2-10 people. You can reserve your own area and do what thou wilt! Reserve by writing info@pdxsanctuary.com or PM  https://www.facebook.com/pdxsanctuary/

ROOMS: One group at a time may use a room.

FOOD: Phase 1 is set up for restaurants not nightclubs. Therefore we have a new Phase 1 Menu: chicken/steak/pork/veggie tacos, chicken/steak/pork/veggie quesadillas, Nachos, vegan wings, pizza, fries or tots, and chips with Jose’s salsa!
WHAT TO EXPECT: When entering, we will check your temperature. If your temp is high, we will ask you to wait and take another. If the temp is still high, we cannot let you in the facility as a precaution.
Everyone must wear a mask to enter. You must wear a mask when ordering, when waiting for the bathroom, when moving about the room. Basically, wear a mask anytime youre not eating or drinking with your group in your section. We ask that you remain seated for the most part in your section.
Upon entry, you will be met by one of our Covhosts. You will be asked to sign the Sanctuary waiver and then pay. If you have a reservation, you will be taken to your group’s area. If you are part of a group reservation, just mention the name of the person who reserved it and you will be taken to their area.
All sections are 6 feet apart. We ask that you observe this social distancing guideline. We will be there to remind you.
If you want to use the rooms, you will tell one of our Covhosts and you will be put on a list (obviously first cum, first served). When the rooms are clean, we will let you in.
DANCING? Unfortunately, Phase 1 prohibits dancing on the dance floor. We have made this impossible 🙂
ROAMING/CRUISING? This is a big no-no under Phase 1 rules.
DISTANCING? If furniture has a Square Sanctuary sign or giant butt plugs… don’t sit! It’s too close to another area. There are circles on the floor near the bar and bathroom indicating where to stand. We cannot have a line up at the bathroom, so we have a one person waiting area. If the waiting area is empty, the next person can step into the space.
SINGLES? Since everyone must remain with their own group, you might not be able to socialize normally. Just be prepared for that situation. We will still do our best to entertain you.

Sanctuary is 21+, LGBTQ+, ADA. We welcome all races and genders. Enter on Ninth.

NOTE, 5-10 are meal times.

We’ve got you covered.