Portland Impact – Conference Crash Course

April 11, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:25 pm

the running end… presents:

*Portland IMPACT! Kink Education – Conference Crash Course!*

Kinkfest is just around the corner… only 8 days after Portland IMPACT! in April. Are you ready?! Time is running out to build those last minute skills for those amazing scenes you want from Kinkfest.

**Portland IMPACT! Kink Education to the rescue!**

This month PIKE is offering up a crash course for impact scenes. We will start with your headspace and subtle tips on how to start your day at a con, then jump right into negotiations. After that, we will go straight to the “scene” and give you quick lessons on how to safely and effectively use floggers, paddles and other impact toys. Then we will wrap it up with what everyone should know stepping into any play space / dungeon. This will be a fast-paced, fun and energetic look at all the “need to knows”.

Don’t miss this chance to get that confidence you’ve been needing to have your first scene, your best scene, or refresh and revitalize your kink journey at any stage.

The class will be led by Master Eragon and Portland IMPACT! producer and host, Traveler.

Bio: Eragon has been active in BDSM for over 20 years, performing for 17. As a newer transplant to the Pacific Northwest he is a dedicated and active part of the Portland Community.
He has performed on stage at Los Angeles Bondage Balls, the Halloween Fetish and Fantasy Ball in Las Vegas, and fetish events around the country. Skilled with whips, floggers, and electricity, he is an active educator in the Los Angeles BDSM community and now here in Portland. He has been a guest speaker at seminars, panels, and courses explaining the passionate, erotic, theatrical and romantic sides of BDSM. Eragon is an accomplished craftsman having created beautiful pieces of BDSM furniture and handmade leather floggers. As a professional Dominant, he enjoys teaching and expanding his clients’ skill set while enjoying serious play.

Whether it’s at the HOTTEST Spank Party in Town – Portland IMPACT!, your bedroom, or a massive dungeon at a convention… we want you to have the best scenes of your life each and every time. So don’t miss this last chance for you to get your hands on all the details and the education you need to have the kinkiest month of the year in Portland.

Wait!! The night is only beginning! At 9pm we reset the room, the lights go down and the music goes up for Portland IMPACT! “The Hottest Spank Party in Town!” So put that class to good use and plan to stay and play!

Cost: $10 -includes entry to Portland IMPACT!

Dress code: Make an effort – Fetish, kink, sex positive, leather, lingerie, sexy attire very strongly encouraged for Portland IMPACT!, All attire accepted for class time.

*Note* -Portland IMPACT!, Portland IMPACT! Kink Education, the running end, nor Sanctuary have any affiliation with Kinkfest

For the latest info on Portland IMPACT! and classes join the [Portland IMPACT! group][https://fetlife.com/groups/168916] and especially our Facebook group here][http://www.facebook.com/therunningend]

$10 – Class entry fee includes entry to Portland IMPACT!

Sanctuary is 21+, LGBTQ+, ADA. Enter on Ninth