Age Play Class & Party

November 17, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Whether you’re a little and just like coloring, all are welcome to join a party celebrating ageplay and little culture. We’ll be coloring, playing games, telling stories and more after a brief class and discussion on ageplay. Caretakers/bigs and well-behaved petplayers are also welcome!

What is ageplay? It’s about creating a headspace of wonder and joy where your biggest decision might revolve around fruit snack flavors. Ageplay can look different from person to person, with activities that range from coloring to watching movies to playing hide and seek to building a fort. Much like kink and sexytime, sometimes ageplay is used as a way to access parts of one’s self that may have wounds that need healing…and sometimes it’s just for fun!

Heather Daisy has hosted numerous ageplay parties in Denver and is excited to bring the fun and giggles to Portland! As a kink and communications educator for more than ten years, she has taught at Shibaricon, Colorado LeatherFest, FAP Con and at other conventions and venues. Part of the Denver, Colorado scene for the past ten years, she has hosted events, taught classes and served on the board of a non-profit in order to support her community. A sadomasochist, kitty, little, and caretaker, she loves communication, sparkles, dancing, ice cream, and consent.


Sanctuary is 21+, LGBTQ+. ADA. Enter on Ninth.