Devil’s Doorbell: BSDM 101

January 15, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm




Cum and get your connection on, as we dip our toes into an introduction to the art and PLEASURE of the world of kink. BDSM 101 will cover the very basics of what it means to take your sexuality to a more impactful level, and how to do it with care, awareness, and consent. If you have ever been curious about BSDM, but don’t know where to start or what you’re really interested in, this workshop will give you the direction you need to begin your exploration.

We will cover:
-Risk Aware Consensual Kink and Basic Negotiations
-Intro into impact play, and the line between pain and pleasure
-Intro into physical and psychological power exchange, and what control and service can do for your erotism

As with every Devil’s Doorbell event, you are encouraged to bring your full play bag. If you bring your toys we can go over more in depth/alternative ways to use them/answer questions about them.

This topic not for you? No problem! The entire space is open to use as you desire. It is not required to participate in the guided portion of the evening. After introductions you’re free to go off and enjoy a women’s** only play space.

**This event is for all self identified women and non-binary people who at one point identified as women. There is an introduction period that establishes your respected pronouns. We go over topics exploring female sexuality and connection. Consent culture is established and required at every event at all times. Relationship/identity/belief shaming is not tolerated. If you are in transition, you are welcome. We will work hard to create a safe space for everyone’s skill and comfort levels. Your engagement is strictly at your own pace and preference. 

$10 at the door
21+, ADA accessible