Devil’s Doorbell: Lap Dancing 101

March 19, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

The Devil’s Doorbell Presents: Lap Dance 101, with Nikki Lev
March 19th 2019 from 7-10 PM

Womxn and all gender expansive persons who have at one time identified as a woman* Join us March 19th at the Devil’s Doorbell for an interactive workshop and play party where we are learning the art of seduction, tease, and hustle with the LAP DANCE! No matter your skill level or experience, this evening will give you another very sexy tool to create connection and ignite your sexual exploration!This month’s event is lead by no other than the gorgeous Nikki Lev! Nikki Lev has cut a unique path in the PDX scene over the last 10 years, MCing, producing, performing and more. She is involved in so many scenes, from Burlesque to Drag to Stripping to GoGoing to Kink and everything in between. In the stripper world she hosts at the Kit Kat Club, created and produces “Velvet Strip” a once a month strip club night at The Velvet Rope, and works as a stripper at StagPDX. One of her signature moves is to do group lap dances for birthday babes at the shows she hosts, from King: A Drag Revue to her karaoke night at Local Lounge. She also gives one on one lap dances at Stag, Velvet Strip and in the comfort of her lovers’ and friends’ houses. She also loves to turn the tables and GIVE and RECEIVE birthday dances for her birthday, which you can participate in at “Bi Bar Gets Totally Local on Sat March 9th at Local Lounge and Fetish Fashion Show at Crush Bar on Fri March 8th. To see where she’s performing next, follow her on social media: Nikki Lev on FB, nikkilev78 on Insta!

$10 at the Door, 21+ ADA accessible

* This event is for all self identified women and non-binary people who at one point identified as women. There is an introduction period that establishes your respected pronouns. We go over topics exploring female sexuality and connection. Consent culture is established and required at every event at all times. Relationship/identity/belief shaming is not tolerated. If you are in transition, you are welcome. We will work hard to create a safe space for everyone’s skill and comfort levels. Your engagement is strictly at your own pace and preference.