Devils Doorbell: Dirty Talk and Role Playing

June 18, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Womxn, join us for “Unleash Your Tongue, Unbridle Your Mind on June 18th for an evening of wild exploration and self discovery with Tonya Jone Miller!”

Would you like your actual sex life to be as hot as your fantasies? Have you or your lover ever pleaded, “talk dirty to me!” in the heat of passion? Is there a role-play you’ve wondered about but are too nervous to try? Learn the tricks of the trade from a professional actress and phone sex operator! Tonya Jone Miller uses basic acting theory and improv games to help you get past your self-judgment and into a playful, erotic headspace. Unleash your tongue and discover the foul-mouthed creative genius within!

Tonya Jone Miller is lifelong lover, performer, and award-winning creator of theatre from Portland, Oregon. A renowned aural courtesan and openly kinky, sex-positive educator, She has practiced various forms of consensual non-monogamy for over sixteen years. Tonya discovered her insatiable inner switch a decade ago and loves exploring the limits of pleasure and pain.
Tonya is often asked about her work and how she is able to effectively and realistically bring fantasies to life, so she began teaching workshops on talking dirty and role-play in the bedroom and dungeon, incorporating acting techniques and improv exercises. Her many years of professional phone sex work has provided her a unique insight into people’s sexuality, relationship styles, levels of honesty and authenticity, motivations and expectations, and the challenges of attempting to translate fantasy and theory into reality.
Tonya has been featured in BUST Magazine and the full-length feature documentary Hotline, as well as on radio shows and podcasts too numerous to mention, HBO’s Real Sex and, has been interviewed for articles on and, and has written for in addition to maintaining her personal blog, Tonya is the proud owner of a dirty mind, a filthy mouth, and a clean conscience.

Come one time, ready to drop in, and prepared to learn some seriously sexy skills!

June 18th 2019, 7pm to 10pm.
$10 at the Door, 21+ ADA accessible
Hosted by Sanctuary Club

This is a Womxn’s only event. Please read the *statement below to better understand its scope.

*This event is for all self identified womxn. This group is following the path of other inclusive womxn’s groups in the Portland community and believes the following statement from the Bad Girls leather group to be a fitting and “broad definition for self-identified women: (…) inclusive of cisgender, transgender, and intersex women, along with gender expansive individuals who find home within women’s spaces. This can include gender non-conforming, agender, two-spirit, butch, femme, and many other identities.
An expanded definition of the term “gender expansive” can be found in the gender statement of the WFTDA.”

There is an introduction period that establishes your respected pronouns. We go over topics exploring female sexuality and connection. Consent culture is established and required at every event at all times. Relationship/identity/belief shaming is not tolerated. If you are in transition, you are welcome. We will work hard to create a safe space for everyone’s skill and comfort levels. Your engagement is strictly at your own pace and preference. PM Gracie Dillree if you have any questions, concerns, or comments; we want to hear from you.