Dungeons & Dildos

May 19, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

There was Carnilingus. Now Giuseppe brings you Dungeons & Dildos Carnival. A Larping Experience, everyone will receive a charterer card at the front door. Carnival performers will dazzle you with their tremendous talents. Sensation Stations will be there to take you body on a ride your brain won’t want to leave. and the illustrious L’Wolf will be coming up from LA just for your carnival experience, spinning house of a caliber that Portland is unaccustomed to. This will be an event to lose yourself to dance. Bring your most savage strap on for the hunger games.

— Jesse David Smith, otherwise known as “L’Wolf” starting djing in 2016 after falling into the festival/underground scene. Moving up to L.A from San Diego he knew he craved something new with music. As a hip hop artist growing up, turned acoustic indie writer, house and techno was the final stop for him to truly understand just how wide music can range. Nowadays if you catch one of his sets, be ready to hear all the most beautiful melodies, that your feet can’t help dancing to.

— Zodiac Magic Card Tricks by The Mysterious Jim

—Nadia Desdemona is a recent up and comer to the Portland area, having performed at events like Whoopee Live! multiple times as well as Pan-Demonium, & is the current holder of the Erotic City Awards mini title Miss Captivating 2018. At this event, Nadia will be debuting a brand new extended burlesque act paying homage to the cult horror film “Trick ‘r Treat”. After the performance, she will also be available for a brief time afterwards to mingle.
IG: @thenadeshikoyamato

—Typhus will be there

Sensation Station:
— Laurel, “passionate about the sex positive movement. She identifies as a body positive, ethical non-monogmist, currently happily practicing such in a non-traditional quad. She helps moderate multiple polyamory Facebook groups, including kink and swinger based pages. Her skills as a kink top are primarily based in sensation play, including erotic electro, impact, and bondage.
This evening she will be giving tastings with erotic electro play, ranging from a light tingle to intense zapping.”
Instagram: @midlife_mombod

Bizarre Bazaar Artists:
— Jesse Lindsay glowfuckyourself.com
— Doug Rosling
— Naughty Hair by Courtney, “Hi! I’m Courtney Deymonaz with Naughty Hair LLC. I’ve been into hair and make-up since I could remember but 4 years ago I was asked to join the first annual Portland Celtic Faire and since has birthed a whole new opportunity for me as a hair stylist. I am up to about 10-12 faire’s/festivals/events a year and counting. At festival’s my booth is called, Ye Old Braidery and I’ve dubbed myself, ‘The Princess Maker’ though I also enjoy viking-esque braids for men and can even braid beards! For more information on my events or just want to get that hair out of your face for summer  follow my instagram at @Naughty_hair by because as you know bad girls have good hair!”

Strap-On Fencing
Dildo Joust
Sexy Pie Eating Contest

Cover 10$ for those dressed as wizards, rouges and warriors. 20$ for townsfolk in modern garments

Sanctuary is 21+, LGBTQ+, ADA. Enter on Ninth.