First Thursday: The Art of Terra Lyn Anderson

November 7, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Join Sanctuary in welcoming Terra Lyn Anderson for a First Thursday reception and month-long display of the artist’s work.

Terra Lyn Anderson has always been enamored by the visceral experience of witnessing beauty: the sensation of inner expansion, of being overwhelmed by pleasure, such that whatever boundary separates your body from the rest of the world somehow becomes more permeable to the fullness of life.

When Anderson uncovered their love for painting in 2009, they realized that the experience of witnessing beauty need not only come from the outside in, but could also be invoked from the inside out. Painting has become a kind of self-seduction for Anderson – a way to deeply in connect with their own pleasure.

Thus, Anderson’s artwork becomes a window into a very vulnerable and personal process in which color expresses their eroticism. With their face hovering only inches away from the canvas as they paint the naked body, Anderson artistically ravishes the human form – inch by inch, in shadow and light, and in all the vitality of vibrant color.