Erotic Art of Chris Mooney

June 6, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


June First Thursday Art Walk Artist Reception.

With the goal of providing a, “visual reference,” for explorations of human connection the mood of Chris Mooney’s erotic art has been more contemporary and adventuresome. Here is an opportunity to see new works in the nude, play, or in rope. Mr. Mooney created figurative erotic works that focus on connection, color, out in the daylight, or occasionally the subjects in each of the paintings were posed and lit with red and blue flood lights. It is fascinating how this lighting brings out each subject’s emotional undertones, allowing their natures to rise to the surface.

In the erotic art world, Sanctuary Club, and the lifestyle community Chris Mooney has been very excited to meet erotic artists, kinky, fetish, and sensually erotic minded people. He was a co-host of the Live Art Figure Drawing series at Larry Iversen’s L ALAN ARTS PROJECT @ the CATALYST ART & CULTURAL SPACE. He currently runs figure drawing sessions having two models outside, his private backyard with the goal of providing a, “visual reference,” for explorations of human connection. The mood of the sessions is more contemporary and adventuresome.

“It is such a pleasure to learn to be open-hearted person and connect in the community”, Mr. Mooney shares with enthusiasm, “in order to meet kinky, sex positive and sensual beautiful people (internally & externally) who might be interested in being the subject of my paintings portraying their thoughts and feelings and create the erotic atmosphere in their environments. Part of the shift in my artistic focus has been about exploring my own sexuality through my art. Accordingly, I’ve created pieces of various poses from kinky and/or fantasy-based, to classical cuddling and kissing poses. Artists have old habits and I need to get out from under mine, both the mechanical and the money-related, I need to use art and create paintings as a tool to utilize my sexual nature – areas of my life that need sexuality without the baggage. For me, art is a real exploration of my inner self.”

Sanctuary is 21+, LGBTQ+, ADA. Enter on Ninth.