Intro to Spanking

December 12, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

New to Kink? Interested in impact play but dont know where to begin? Want to refine your skills and come away with some new tricks? Are you a sadomasochist who simply loves the sound of a loud thwack and the screams that come with it?

We are delighted to have the Redeemer with us to teach and demonstrate all things impact. He will be covering things to go over in your negotiation for Play, where are the wonderful places to hit, different ways to use your hands, different types of toys and the different sensations they can create and more! If you are excited to do some spanking of your own at the play party after the class, the Redeemer will be on hand with a selection of his toys for sale!

$10 for the class also gets you into Spanktuary afterward.
Sanctuary is 21+, LGBTQ+, ADA. Enter on Ninth.

The-Redeemer integrates psychological and verbal control into sadism, igniting desire with menacing intent. He mentors new kinksters to find their edges and refine their fetishes, and offers private hands-on sessions for singles and couples seeking to explore BDSM. Redeemer’s impact scenes feature his unique style of working vertically in 360 degree domination delivering sadistic sensations and submission via seduction. His teaching portfolio includes pragmatic strategies/techniques for influencing behavior and experiential workshops ranging from consent, to negotiation and impact. Redeemer and Elsewise co-founded Portland’s Close-in Munch Sunday School, where they host classes/workshops on BDSM, emphasizing authenticity, integrity, and community. the-Redeemer’s Toys are up-cycled, recycled, repurposed impact tools made from everyday items and sold at local kinky events each month, and coming soon on Etsy!