Swingles: LGBTQ Speed Dating

February 21, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

This event is for gay, bi, trans, queer, pan and all other non-hetero and or non-binary identifications.

Please extend this invitation to your like-minded, fun single friends!

This event is connected with the Sanctuary Swingles Facebook Group.


Some contestants will sit in non-moving spots while others will rotate in kind of a musical chairs. We will give a question prompt which players can use as an icebreaker or totally ignore if they choose. Music will play in the background during the round and the round is over when it ends.

Those not participating in the speed date heat will be split into larger groups so they can also answer the icebreaker and mingle.

There may be times where players with incongruent sexual preferences are matched up for a round. We don’t consider this to be an issue as the purpose of the game is to have fun.

* While we understand that there might be some slight variations, we are doing our best to accommodate all sexual preferences in the game format. If you have a better solution, please let us know.

BREAKS: Likely more frequent, we will allow bathroom/smoke/drink breaks every 20 min or so.

Come with no expectations and you will have fun. Before you compare Swingles Speed Date to other speed dating consider the cost ($5 vs. $25+) and the fact that this group is a captive audience.


Swingles may stay for Chatterbox Karaoke starting at 9. It’s a great way to show off and is a natural conversation starter!

Sanctuary is LGBTQ+, ADA and 21+
This is a mixer only.
Located above Splash Bar, enter on 9th.