Swingles: Speed Dating

December 20, 2018 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Open to all sex-positive singles (straight, LGBTQ+, poly, kink) and partnered persons who date/play solo.
Please extend this invitation to your like-minded, fun single friends!
This event is connected with the Sanctuary Swingles group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/300179654096796/
We will ask participants to choose a type of partner they seek: hetero (M/F), same sex (including bi/gay/queer etc) and pan (everyone!). *
The game will then be played in heats: hetero and same sex. Pansexuals participate in both. At the beginning of each 5-minute round, we will provide a icebreaker question.
Those not in the speed date heat will be split into larger groups so they can also answer the icebreaker.
*While we understand that there might be some slight variations, we are doing our best to accommodate all sexual preferences in the game format. If you have a better solution, please write the hosts.
BREAKS: Likely more frequent, we will allow bathroom/smoke/drink breaks every 20 min or so.
Come with no expectations and you will have fun. Before you compare Swingles Speed Date to other speed date consider the cost ($5 vs. $25+) and the fact that this group is a captive audience.
Swingles may stay for Chatterbox Karaoke starting at 9. Its a great way to show off and is a natural conversation starter!
Sanctuary is LGBTQ+, ADA and 21+
Guest list is hidden for privacy. This is a mixer only.
Located above Splash Bar, enter on ninth.