The Devil’s Doorbell: Sensual Massage 101

August 12, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

** This events is for ladies only **

Some people say that if a woman is touching herself, then she can’t hold hands with God. She’s ringing the Devil’s doorbell.
Those people are crazy.

We’re going to ring our bells again and again.

Socialize, Dance and Play in a girls-only clubhouse. The Devil’s Doorbell allows ladies to share space with other ladies in whatever way feels best. Explore your sexuality or simply share in the company of other like-minded women in a no-pressure environment with women of varied experience levels.

– Play is optional, never expected!
– Love the ladies? This is for you!
– New to the ladies? This is for you!
– Curious about lady play? This is for you!
– Want other ladies to chime in on their thoughts or experiences with toys/harnesses/lubes? This group is for you!

** You define yourself and your terms. **

21+, $10.

All Self-Identified Women are Welcome


The Devil’s Doorbell Presents: Sensual Massage 101

Lets get physical! This month’s women play event will be focused on learning the art of sensual touch. The human body is one of deep sensation, feeling, and experience. We will be dropping into all of these aspects as we pleasure each other through sensual touch and nonverbal connection.

What you can bring:
– A pillow with a case.
– A blanket
– A clean body
– Underwear you are comfortable being exposed to lotion and oils.
– Your full play bag
– You willingness to play full out and learn