Tittyscapes Art Show At Sanctuary PDX

October 3, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Free until 8, $10 after

Free until 8, $10 after

This event is the opening night of the monthly art display at Sanctuary PDX. This month’s featured artist is Richard Wade (Tittyscapes, The Salem Painter). This event will include both TIttyscapes and Regular landscapes painted in the Wet on Wet oil painting technique which was popularized by Bob Ross and Bill Alexander.

Richard Wade started painting in 2015. He grew up watching television painters like Bob Ross and Bill Alexander on PBS. He had never tried painting before, but watched the shows because he found them relaxing and entertaining. The first time he tried, it was a disaster because there are some things that you can’t learn by watching, but he learned from his mistakes and has continued to improve with each new painting. Richard moved to Oregon from Georgia at the end of 2012 and found the environment and laid back attitudes of the people refreshing. His painting takes inspirations from the beautiful nature scenes all around us. During the summer of 2016, Richard connected with the people at CCTV, the public access station in Salem, Oregon, and began filming a painting show to try to teach others to paint so they could experience the satisfaction of creating the scenes they imagine when they close their eyes. The show was called The Salem Painter and is available for streaming on Youtube. The show quickly gained a large following and continued for three seasons. Richard has been busy with other projects, but has plans to continue filming the show sometime in the near future. In 2017, he came up with the idea for his current series of paintings, which he calls Tittyscapes. Since beginning this series, he has been invited to several large events and met so many amazing people along the way. He is working on a book full of the paintings and plans to donate part of the proceeds to charities that help breast cancer patients/victims and their families.

For the gallery showing at Sanctuary PDX, Richard Wade will be bringing several examples of his art work including both Tittyscapes and regular landscapes. All of the paintings on display are oil paints on canvas with a few mixed media works that have an acrylic undercoating. The opening night of the art display will be on October 3rd at Sanctuary PDX. An event page will be posted on the Sanctuary PDX website and will also be available on Facebook on the Tittyscapes project page (http://facebook.com/skytits). There will be several of the regular landscapes available for purchase, however all of the Tittyscapes painting on display belong to the models who posed for the painting. There will, however, be prints available of several of the Tittyscape paintings. Richard was contacted about doing an art display at Sanctuary PDX after an event in Hillsboro called Turbulence: A Dance Party at a Plane in the Woods. Several of the attendees mentioned to Richard that they felt like Sanctuary PDX would be a good place to display his art and told him that they always go out of their way to promote the featured artists. When he was contacted about doing the art show, he was honored to be a part of it. He says that the response from everyone has been overwhelming and way more than he expected at the outset of the Tittyscapes project. Richard states that often people thank him for creating a safe and body-positive space. He feels that this is one of the greatest compliments that he has received and hopes that is a feeling he continues to convey throughout the project.

One of the questions that Richard is often asked is how he came up with the idea for Tittyscapes. He was doing live painting at a bar in Salem called The Triangle at Legacy Club Nights, with DJ Gitdown(Justin Down). Justin is a DJ who plays an exciting mix of music, both new and old,with many different genres. He does weekly shows on Wednesdays at the Triangle. One night, Richard was painting landscapes and went outside for a break. Justin was also outside the bar because another performer was on the DJ decks. Richard told Justin that he was bored with the regular landscapes he had been painting and asked him what he should paint next. Justin replied that he should just paint what he likes. Richard jokingly replied, “What…Titties?”

That was when he knew exactly what he had to do. Richard went inside and started on what would be the first of over sixty Tittyscapes. That number continues to grow and will soon be enough to publish the book of artwork he has been working on.

Richard can be contacted at tittyscapes@gmail.com or on the Tittyscapes facebook page at http://facebook.com/skytits