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Cirque de Sade: CLOWN TOWN

August 23 @ 9:00 pm

Please direct all inquiries to cirquedesade.pdx@gmail.com

“In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice. It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.” -Marquis de Sade

This month is Empress Elsewise’s birthday, and you know how much she loves clown porn! So…our dark circus features kinky jesters, harlequins, mimes, tramps, rodeo, creepy and birthday clowns.


All edge play is performative. Edge players complete a pre-interview and approval process and meet with the DM’s at the event during set up. Performers are identified by a colored wrist band. All other attendees are welcome to play at standard kink levels and voyeur.

1-NO STREET CLOTHES! Black or fetish wear required. Themed attire is encouraged but not requited. Dress code strictly enforced, entry will be denied for street clothes.
2-An understanding of ethics, consent and self care in the context of dark, edge, taboo and fringe play is necessary for the safety and comfort of all attendees. The hosts reserve the right to make decisions about appropriate entry and scenes.
3-No edgy pick up play. Edge, dark and fringe play has been pre-approved and is performative in nature. Standard kink play and voyeurism are welcome.
4-Verbal consent is required. If you receive “no” to any request you may not ask again for the remainder of the event. This is in keeping with Consent Academy’s guidelines.
5- Cell phones and digital devices are NOT permitted once inside the club.

Edge players are performers and must submit a pre-event interview and vetting form which details your scene specifics, experience level, safety precautions in place during play and hygienic clean up practices. This will help DM’s understand the parameters of your scene so your play can continue uninterrupted. The hosts will review your form and may contact you with questions or clarifications. If your form is not received a minimum of 48 hours before the event, you will not be permitted to play at the edge. Standard kink play and voyeurism is welcome.*

$25 at the door

Rules for Edge Performers

1- Open flames and scat NOT permitted.
2- All wax, waterspots and blood must be passive/well contained (ex: Pee in a cup for someone to drink, don’t stand over someone and pee on them. Drip wax, don’t swing or fling it.
3- Never, ever do impact on urine, wax, blood or any biologic. Aerosolizing biologics violates group consent and is very dangerous; it will result in being banned from the event.
4- Drinking to the pint of intoxication during play is dangerous, irresponsible and will not be tolerated. Edge play performers with wrist bands will not be served alcohol. When your performance is complete, you’re welcome to remove your wrist band and enjoy a libation.
Bring your dark play out of the shadows. Abandon your fear of wild abandon. Unleash your extreme edge. Feast on the fringe. Voyeur the veritable quandaries.

EmpressElsewise and RedeemerPdx invite you to spend the evening embracing your dark side at our macabre circus. Whether you’re a player or voyeur, we offer an enthusiastic environment for taboo play. This party caters to EXPERIENCED edge Tops and bottoms of all genders, orientations, roles and relationships, and all attendees should be prepared to see and hear things that may shock or delight you. Due to the nature of this event, kinksters are asked to have attended several other public events, have an in-depth understanding of consent and have extensive experience in their craft before attending this play party.

Many of your curiosities and questions can be addressed in the group Cirque de Sade PDX.

Floor Plan and Furniture

if you’d like a particular piece of furniture, please ask a DM or Redeemer and we’ll do our best to make it happen.


We provide DM’s with training and experience in extreme play and CPR/First Aid training, We have basic dungeon clean up, safer sex supplies, a basic first aid kit, unique furniture, hard points, and sharps containers. Please bring everything else you need for your physical and emotional safety, your scene, high level hygienic clean up (cavicide, bio-bag, 4ml plastic sheeting, pee pads, etc), and thorough aftercare. It is wise to bring your own towels, tarp or drop cloth. Please message @CirquedeSadePdx with any questions.


The venue’s hard limits, available floor space and the law prevent a few things at this event: no race and rape play, guns/gun play, wrestling, grappling and full scale or running takedowns, and no open flames.

Risk Aware

Due the potentially dangerous aspects of edge play, we want to emphasize the requirement of experience, consent and maturity. This is not an event to “try something new.” Stringer pick up play is not permitted: know your partner, know yourself, know your kink.

When setting up your scene you may be visited by the DM’s and/or hosts to check in about consent, verbal and nonverbal safe-signals and your safety plan. This is not to second guess you or challenge your authority, it is to mitigate risk and establish a safe environment during high risk activities, so your scene can play out uninterrupted. If you have questions, or want clarification about scenes prior to the event, please send a DM to @CirquedeSadePdx

We endorse RACK: Risk Aware Consensual Kink and PRICK: Personal Responsibility in Consensual Kink. The hosts, volunteers and the venue are not responsible for your actions. There is a reason this is the only edge party in town -liability- let’s keep it injury free. You will be required to sign a waiver and your entry fee includes your day-of membership. FYI- the dungeon’s safeword is “SAFEWORD.”

Trigger Warning

The only protected space at this event is the social area. As detailed in the description, you will SEE AND HEAR intense play in ALL areas of the dungeon. Your decision to enter this event is considered implied consent to the sights and sounds occurring in public scenes. Attend at your own discretion, play at your own risk, and take care of yourself.

“To see others suffer does one good, to make others suffer even more. Without cruelty there is no festival.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

Entry Info

Sanctuary 33 NW 9th Ave
21+ food available, bar is open as well as Italian sodas & mocktails
proof of vaccine and booster required, masks optional
$25 at the door, advanced tickets not available.

DM’s provided via the Dungeon Monitor’s Resource Group who offers specialized training for edge play.

This event recurs monthly on the 4th Tuesday

Your Hosts

@EmpressElsewise and @RedeemerPDX

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August 23
9:00 pm - 2:00 am


33 NW 9th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
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