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Devil's Doorbell: The ABC's of Anal


September 17th 2019, The Devil’s Doorbell brings you Portland’s only monthly womxn’s exclusive play party event! We present you The ABC’s of ANAL with Gretchen Leigh!

Come as you are and ready to participate at whatever level feels right for you! If you are here to get your booty rocked, awesome! If you are here for more information on whether or not this is a play space you want to explore, welcome!

YOUR PLAY BAGS are STRONGLY encouraged, especially your dildos and strap ons. We will be honored with Gretchen Leigh’s skillful coaching and your preparation will be rewarded!

Gretchen Leigh is an educator, personal trainer, athlete, model, advocate, and performer, dedicated to helping people find the confluence of physical, mental, and sexual health. Though she has made a name for herself in the sex ed world with classes like "Ass Like That" and "Fellatio 2.0" she maintains a passion for health education, and is currently the go-to resource for many on sex after cancer, pelvic floor health, and more. Her multi-disciplinary style is distinctly comfortable, humorous, interactive, and trauma-informed.

You won’t want to miss this night. Tell your friends, share the event, and come with an open heart!

*This event is for all self identified womxn. This group is following the path of other inclusive womxn’s groups in the Portland community and believes the following statement from the Bad Girls leather group to be a fitting and “broad definition for self-identified women: (...) inclusive of cisgender, transgender, and intersex women, along with gender expansive individuals who find home within women’s spaces. This can include gender non-conforming, agender, two-spirit, butch, femme, and many other identities.
An expanded definition of the term “gender expansive” can be found in the gender statement of the WFTDA.”

There is an introduction period that establishes your respected pronouns. We go over topics exploring female sexuality and connection. Consent culture is established and required at every event at all times. Relationship/identity/belief shaming is not tolerated. If you are in transition, you are welcome. We will work hard to create a safe space for everyone’s skill and comfort levels. Your engagement is strictly at your own pace and preference. PM Gracie Dillree if you have any questions, concerns, or comments; we want to hear from you.

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