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Luv Hurtz - September

Luv Hurtz is a Fetish Night & Play Party the first Saturday of each month at Sanctuary.


The party welcomes a mix of both kink and lifestyle (swinger) so can get pretty intimate. All genders and orientations are welcome so long as you are 21 & over with legal ID (there is a bar serving alcohol). Given the nightclub environment, please be respectful & tolerant of different views ... if there is any issue, notify a Party Host or Dungeon Monitor.


There are multiple suspension hardpoints, spanking benches, crosses, and other areas available for play or dance to the delicious music - the entire club is open for your enjoyment. While the club allows sex on premises, there is no guarantee of sex! Treat others with kindness & respect and always get enthusiastic consent.

The party is great for the experienced, the curious, exhibitionists, and voyeurs. If interested in learning more about something during the party, ask a Party Host or Dungeon Monitor. Because of the diversity of those attending, this party is not appropriate for extreme/edgy kink play. Please consider carefully before engaging in play that might be traumatic if there is an inadvertent interruption.

Plan for a crowd and leave toys which require a lot of space (long whips, etc) at home. While the club has some limited space for toy bag storage the best plan is to bring just what you expect to use and to utilize the coat check. Please keep scenes to a reasonable duration so that others have a chance to play as well and move aftercare to a couch whenever possible (multiple scenes during the night are fine, so long as you break between each so that others have the opportunity to use the space).



** Mobile phones are not allowed at Luv Hurtz! **
Phones should never be out while inside the club - no excuses/no exceptions. Anyone with a phone out will be asked to leave the party.

● Don't be a dick:
. ■ Treat others with kindness & respect
. ■ Be a responsible adult
. ■ Clean up after yourself (cleaning supplies are provided)
. ■ Don't be creepy
. ■ Don't move furniture
. ■ Don't monopolize a play station
● Do not interrupt those who are playing & ask before touching
● NO PERSONAL PHOTOS & NO PHONES - Phones may only be used in the stairway or outside the building
● No weapons (guns/knives/tazers/etc)
● No blood/urine/etc
● No fire/wax/etc
● No breath play
● Obey the Dungeon Monitors



▪ ■ █ **DRESS TO IMPRESS!** █ ■ ▪

Attire which will impress:
● Sexy - Lingerie / Body Paint / Mesh
● Fetish - Leather / Latex / PVC / Chainmail / Rope
● Goth / Steampunk
● All Black
- - As Bare As You Dare! - -

Clothing which does not impress:
● Street Clothes - Basic Jeans / T-Shirts / etc
● Work Clothes - Dirty / Torn / etc
● Athletic Wear / Hoodies
● Baseball or Stocking Caps
● Shorts
● Sandals / Flip-flops / Tennis Shoes



Just $15 per person if thru the door before 10pm or $20 per person later ... there may be a line so plan your arrival accordingly. There is no membership fee at Sanctuary.

** Doors open at 9:00pm, please do not arrive before then as staff are still setting up. **



** Personal photography and mobile phones are not allowed at Luv Hurtz. **

We try to have a staff photographer at the party (easily located wearing a Staff Photographer badge on a light-up blue lanyard). Photos are strictly opt-in ... if you would like photos, check in with the Staff Photographer before you play to get a photo consent wristband. Photos are only taken of those who have obtained and are wearing a photo consent wristband. A few weeks after the party all photos will be posted to a password protected shared gallery online - the password to the gallery is printed on the wristband for that month's party. Look for the link in the Luv Hurtz FetLife group and in the Facebook event's comments.

Photos that some have decided to share from past events can be found on FetLife.



We love it when knowledge of our party is shared to others who might be interested. Please include a link to the current FetLife or Facebook event in whatever you share. If you want to share on another site, please send us a message letting us know. It is the responsibility of the person/organization sharing information to ensure that what is shared is kept up to date and accurate, based on the current event listings. Thank you.


Guest list hidden for your privacy.

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