Laughrodisiac, Anniversary Show!

February 9, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Laughrodisiac, Anniversary Show!

Laughrodisiac is back for another “out of this world comedy showcase.” February 9th will be 2 years of us bring you comedy from all over the United States! We have another amazing lineup of great comedians for you!

8 – 10  p.m.  $10 entry. Two-drink minimum. 

Doors at 8, show at 8:20, be there by 9:30 or come back at 10 for the House Party.

Hosted by Chris Smith and Ben Warren


Sam Miller

Sam Miller grew up in Rural Pierce County and moved to Olympia at the age of 14. He has lived in Olympia off and on since that time. In his 36 years on earth He has been a farm hand, a ranch hand, an inmate, a wildland firefighter, a dishwasher, a warehouse worker, assistant preschool teacher, a chemical dependency counselor and a bouncer. He has lived with Alcoholism and Methamphetamine addiction since his early teens. He is now in recovery going on 10 years and is currently a husband, father, student, Outreach Worker and comedian. He’s performed all over the west coast at Comedy Clubs and Casinos. He won the Comedy On Trial Competition in Seattle in 2016 and competed in The Seattle International Comedy Competition in 2017. He’s also performed with the Addicts Comedy Tour and at AA and NA conventions around the northwest.For 3 consecutive years he has won awards in “The Best of Olympia” issue of the Weekly Volcano. In 2016 Best Local Hero, 2017 Best Local Celebrity, 2018 Best Comic Relief. He has opened for Chris D’elia and Laurie Kilmartin.

You can find him on Facebook:
You can find him on Instagram: @sammillercomedian

Cari Tillery

Cari Tillery took the midnight train going anywhere…..if by anywhere she means the Tacoma Comedy Club where she got her start about 15 years ago. Single mom trying to find a laugh where she can because murder is still illegal. She spends some nights hosting karaoke in between shots of tequila. Sit back and enjoy the ride, at best you’ll realize your life isn’t half bad!

Mateen Stewart

Mateen Stewart is one to watch in the Los Angeles comedy circuit! Originally from Detroit, recently voted the most miserable city in America by Forbes Magazine (Mateen hates Forbes Magazine) He attended Florida A&M University where he majored in Theatre. It only took him 5 years and he now uses his degree as emergency toilet paper. He has appeared in several screen roles working with the likes of Ben Stiller, Ken Marino and Ron Hubel. He has played the token Black Guy in a National McDonalds commercial and has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Last Week Tonight. Mateen is a founding member of the Wellspoken Comedy Tour and has participated in SF Sketchfest, SLC Comedy Carivale, Women in Comedy Festival and the San Diego Comedy Festival.

Zoë Proval

Zoe moved from Los Angeles to Portland go pursue stand-up because that’s how it works, right? She’s been described as “a one episode adventure time character,” “the personification of that feeling when you get high and read your 8th grade diary,” and “loud.”

This line up will amaze, don’t sleep on second Saturdays at Sanctuary and remember, Bring a friend!

This is not an open-mic. This is a showcase. Please be respectful of the comedians and keep conversation to a minimum. Hecklers will be pounded.