Portland IMPACT! Kink Education – Negotiating Hotter Scenes

July 11, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

the running end… presents:

Portland IMPACT! Kink Education – Negotiating Hotter Scenes: Values and Interest-Based Kink Negotiations

Everyone has heard of negotiations in kink and BDSM play and most have been to more than one negotiations class, but how many have been taught negotiations by a PROFESSIONAL NEGOTIATOR?! Who better to learn from than someone who does this in their daily lives? Enter the incredible “Miss Bliss”.

MxBliss (or Mistress Bliss if you want to get nasty) has over 20 years of complex commercial negotiation and dispute resolution experience. Along with a law degree and MBA, Mx Bliss is a frequent and passionate speaker on negotiation planning, deal structuring, and innovation through inclusion. Despite being newer to the scene, this self proclaimed “Play Slut,” has observed an opportunity to have more fulfilling scenes, play, and kink relationships through values-based negotiations, employing greater intentionality, and exploring interest-based (as opposed to activity-based) questions.

In her workshop on ‘Negotiating Hotter Scenes: Values- and Interests-Based Kink Negotiations’ Mistress Bliss applies vanilla negotiation planning theory and practice to help workshop attendees discover mutually rewarding kink play. You’ll leave the workshop with tools and research that will inform not just on how to negotiate hot kink but also how to optimize a wide range of interactions in search of ‘zones of possible agreement’! She will provide you with a working model and customizable templates for negotiating hotter more satisfying scenes. As part of the class, she’ll pair you with another classmate (or you can come with your own potential play partner) for a model negotiation. Warning: you may have sexy results!

Whether it’s at the HOTTEST Spank Party in Town – Portland IMPACT!, your bedroom, or a massive dungeon at a convention… we want you to have the best scenes of your life each and every time. So don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from one of Portland’s best!

Wait!! The night is only beginning! At 9pm we reset the room, the lights go down and the music goes up for Portland IMPACT! “The Hottest Spank Party in Town!” So put that class to good use and plan to stay and play!

Cost: $10 -class entry fee includes entry to Portland IMPACT!

Dress code: Make an effort – Fetish, kink, sex positive, leather, lingerie, sexy attire very strongly encouraged for Portland IMPACT!, All attire accepted for class time.

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