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50 Shades of STFU: Pride was a Riot

July 25 @ 8:00 pm - 2:00 am

Presented by Mistress Viola

50 Shades of STFU is a kinky play party and social event for femdoms and femme tops and the individuals who serve and worship them. We have been home at Sanctuary Club downtown since 2017.

In honor of Pride (which Portland has moved to July!) we are celebrating with our annual ‘Pride was a RIOT’ party – more important than ever as LGBTGIA rights are continually being threatened in the US and globally (and as bodily autonomy and sexual freedom is further squashed by advancing authoritarianism). Show up in your rainbow riot gear, protest shirts, or paint yourself with rainbows, trans flags…show your PRIDE in whatever way is best for YOU. GET QUEER AF, my babies. As always, the themes for STFU are not mandatory. But the dress code is! See dress code below.

We will welcome @MxPucksAPlenty as our featured guest performer this month! Known as “The They Them Yas Queen of Burlesque”, Mx. Pucks A’Plenty is a burlesque performer, producer, #themcee, and stage manager with PLENTY of wit and tit to spare!

What happens at this infamous event? Performances begin around 9:30 pm. Tastings occur from open to around midnight. Tastings are first come first serve and limited.

We aim to create an inclusive space for LGBTQ, pansexual, queer, or straight submissives and their fem tops. If you’re a cis male dom this is really not the event for you. However, if you’re switchy and/or abide by the dress code you are welcome to join us!

Playspaces, St. Andrews cross, semi-private areas, spanking benches, and hard points are available.

NOTE: End time is now 1am. The club may stay open longer depending on the crowd, but this is determined by the club.

Safety Downtown:
Please support each other in arriving and leaving the club, if you need a buddy to attend with reach out in the Femdom Forum here: https://fetlife.com/groups/167011


No effort, no entry!

FemDom/femme attendees can dress to impress as they wish (fetish wear encouraged).

Male/submissive attendees are required to dress to express their interest in femdom, even in some small way, examples include:

  • Fetish wear, collars/leash, cuffs, high heels, fetish shoes, hoods, leather, PVC
  • Crossdressed, glamour, make-up, lingerie
  • Uniforms*, costumes, puppy or animal costumes
  • Bright silly clothing, rainbows, sweet jammies, cute underpants, bow ties, bunny ears, etc.

Male attendees:

  • May not wear plain street clothes, jeans, or even a nice suit. If you have not made an effort to abide by the dress code, you may not be allowed entry.

First-timers who do not own fetishwear may wear:

  • Something costumey or silly
  • Can be shirtless or take their pants off to show off their underwear.

*Racist/fascist symbols or uniforms are not allowed in the club

Sanctuary is 21+, LGBTQ+, ADA accessible (there is an elevator), anti-racism, and celebrates diversity. Enter on Ninth”


  • Cell phones may only be used outside or in the outer hallway. NO PHONES OUT IN CLUB. If we see you taking photos or filming you will be asked to leave immediately. The only exception is at the photobooth. Please ensure only consenting people are in any photo taken at the photobooth.
  • No audio or video recording devices are allowed.
  • No drugs or outside alcohol allowed.
  • CONSENT CONSENT CONSENT. Do not touch another person or their property without their explicit permission. No means no. Do not get pushy or aggressive. This behavior will be grounds for being asked to leave the club. Play is encouraged but NEVER expected.
  • Do not interrupt scenes!
  • Do not get too close to play scenes or ask to be involved.
  • Always negotiate boundaries before playing.
  • Risk-aware and 100% consensual play only.
  • Dungeon Monitors (DMs) will be present and monitoring the space to the best of their abilities, be aware: this space gets crowded. Attendees will respect the Dungeon Monitors, hosts, security, and Sanctuary staff and will adhere to the rules and instructions.
  • Aggressive cruising will not be tolerated. Be aware of the space and energy you are taking when you hover or get near a play scene.
  • No blood play, urine play, hot wax, fire, vomit, scat, knife play, guns, race play, or breath play. The DMs will end scenes including these actions.
  • Limit your play scenes to 45 mins to allow time for others to use the play areas, suspension points and dungeon furniture as there are limited areas.
  • Genitals must be covered unless part of an active play scene. This goes all for all attendees. Sheer stuff is ok just make sure the goodies are covered in some way.
  • Clean furniture and play equipment before and after scenes. Cleaning supplies are provided by the club.
  • Do not move play furniture without discussing with DMs first.
  • If you’re planning to embark on an intense or edgy scene please let a DM know prior.
  • If you feel someone is misbehaving, being aggressive, or making you or someone else feel uncomfortable, please let the DMs or hosts or club staff know ASAP and we will do what we can to inform the individual or have them removed.
  • Use of the word “safeword” is a call for assistance. DMs and/or other experienced players will intervene and come to your aid when they hear it. If a DM hears the word “red” they might intervene if they feel it is necessary.

COVID Safety:
We encourage our community to be up to date with their vaccines to protect all of us. Please take this into consideration when making your personal risk assessments. Please, please, stay home if you are feeling under the weather in any way, scratchy throat, sniffles, or fever. We encourage you to test before and after all large events. Masks are not required.

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July 25
8:00 pm - 2:00 am


33 NW 9th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
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