Covid Walk-Through

Portland is still under Oregon’s Phase 1 rules!

We’ve had several weeks to perfect our Covid protocol and you, the state, medical professionals, and commercial sanitizers say we’re pretty solid. As the science reporter Apoorva Mandavilli says: “There are ways to be responsible and socialize, but people don’t seem to be able to draw the line between what’s OK and what is not. For too many people, it seems to be binary — they are either on lockdown or taking no precautions.”
Sanctuary will be taking responsible precautions.

Sanctuary complies with all of Gov. Brown’s and OSHA/OHA’s Covid-19 guidelines. Tables are limited to 6 people. Max of 50 attendees. Masks required except when eating or drinking.  If you have any Covid-19 symptoms, please stay home. If you violate OSHA/OHA/OLCC rules, you will be asked to leave.

***If you have Covid symptoms, are high risk, or have been in contact with an infected person in the last 14 days, please stay home***

 MASK RULES: You must wear a mask in all common areas. You do not need to wear a mask in your  group’s area or while eating or drinking. If you dont want to wear a mask stay home

But I was vaccinated/already infected/can’t wear my mask/blah blah blah: We don’t care. Everyone will be expected to follow OHA guidelines.

RISK LEVEL: It is beyond the scope of the webmaster to edit this page every time the state changes its status. Read more here:

GROUPS: It is beyond the scope of the webmaster to change this page every time the state makes a change. Under the High Risk designation, groups are limited to 1-6 people. We strongly recommend reserving your space. Reserve by writing or PM

WHAT TO EXPECT: When entering, we will check your temperature. If your temp is high, we will ask you to wait and take another. If the temp is still high, we cannot let you in the facility as a precaution.
Everyone must wear a mask to enter. You must wear a mask when ordering, when waiting for the bathroom, when moving about the room. Basically, wear a mask anytime youre not eating or drinking with your group in your section. We ask that you remain seated for the most part in your section.
Upon entry, you will be met by one of our Covhosts. You will be asked to sign the Sanctuary waiver and then pay. If you have a reservation, you will be taken to your group’s area. If you are part of a group reservation, just mention the name of the person who reserved it and you will be taken to their area.
All sections are 6 feet apart. We ask that you observe this social distancing guideline. We will be there to remind you.
If you want to use the rooms, you will tell one of our Covhosts and you will be put on a list (obviously first cum, first served). When the rooms are clean, we will let you in.

ROOMS: One group at a time may use a room.

BAR:  Please do not form a line at the bar. Servers will take your order. If you need to order at the bar, there are markers on the floor of where to stand and where to wait. Individuals must keep social distance. After ordering, please do not hang out at the bar.

BATHROOMS: We cannot have a line for the bathrooms. If the bathrooms are full, there is a marker on the floor to wait. If someone is on the marker, please wait in your area until that person is able to use the facilities.

FOOD: Sanctuary has expanded its menu to fit with the changing times.

DANCING? Unfortunately, Phase 1 prohibits dancing on the dance floor.

ROAMING/CRUISING? This is a big no-no under Phase 1 rules.

DISTANCING? If furniture has a Square Sanctuary sign or giant butt plugs… don’t sit! It’s too close to another area. There are circles on the floor near the bar and bathroom indicating where to stand. We cannot have a line up at the bathroom, so we have a one person waiting area. If the waiting area is empty, the next person can step into the space.

SINGLES? Since everyone must remain with their own group, you might not be able to socialize normally. Just be prepared for that situation. We will still do our best to entertain you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you?

Sanctuary is in Portland’s Pearl District at 33 NW 9th Ave., above Candy.

Enter on 9th, we’re on the second floor behind the pink door.

Our venue is ADA accessible.

Do you have an age minimum? Yes, we are a 21+ establishment.

When are you open?

We are typically open Wednesday through Saturday evenings.

Check our calendar for exact times and dates, and sign up for our weekly email with event updates.

What’s your dress code?

Sanctuary is an upscale, elegant event venue and nightclub. We expect our guests to dress presentably and appropriately for the venue and for the event they’re attending.

How much is the door fee for a couple/single woman/single man?

Sanctuary welcomes all gender identities and relationship configurations. Our door fee is per person, everyone pays the same price.

Door fees vary by event, check our event calendar for pricing.

Do I need a membership?


What can I expect?

Sanctuary provides a gathering space for a large and diverse sex-positive community. Sanctuary is anti-racism and celebrates diversity.

We offer a full bar, lounge seating, dance floor, open play areas, dungeon furniture, ample sanitary supplies, and a fun, convivial atmosphere.

Come with an open mind, leave your expectations at the door.

Do you have lockers and/or showers?

We have cubbies for our guests’ personal items, we do not provide any lockable storage at this time. We do not have showers at this time.

Do you allow cell phones?

It depends on the event.

Can I hold my event there?

It depends on the size and timing of the event. Fill out this form, or come by for a visit.

Do you accept credit cards? Yes, we accept all major credit cards. We also have an ATM if you prefer to use cash.

What are your rules?

Sanctuary’s guests are asked to read, verbally agree to, and comply with our Guiding Principles:


KINDNESS and RESPECT are our guiding principles.

Upon entering Sanctuary you agree to uphold these principles.

CONSENT: A clear and unambiguous agreement, expressed outwardly through mutually understandable words or actions, to engage in a particular activity. Consent can be withdrawn by either party at any point.


  • Unless invited, keep a respectful distance from play
  • “No” means “No” (see CONSENT)
  • Don’t touch a person you haven’t met before (see CONSENT)
  • Respect yourself! Know your boundaries and state them clearly


  • Speak well of others
  • Listen without judgement
  • Make introductions, create community

Management reserves the right to refuse service or dismiss anyone from the venue and property at any time.