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Calling All Witches: MAGICAE EROTICAE 201: Magic Body Fluids

September 15 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Get into the Season of the Witch with Bimbo Yaga from New Orleans


Our bodies are given in generosity by the grinding of history and mystery into flesh. The power contained in and channeled by the body is one of the only true powers we have that we can call our own. The body is and has always been a source of great power and as such, bodily sovereignty remains a central threat to systems of abuse and oppression. As such, it’s important for the witch to reconnect to the power inherent within their own body.

In this magical three part series, Magicae Eroticae, we’ll explore the erotic power of magic and ways to connect to our body’s inherent connection to magic. From establishing sacred space & negotiating consent for the practice of erotic ritual, incorporating bodily fluids into your erotic ritual, to channeling archetypal constructs to empower your role play & scene development; this series is a perfect refresher and primer for kinky witches of all skill levels.

NOTES: This series will explore the relationship between magic, ritual and sexuality. Objectives will focus on individual growth; partners welcome. While we will invoke erotic, sensual, and sexual energies, this is a non-sexual play, magic centered space. We prioritize a gender-non-binary perspective and a queer approach to relational dynamics and bodily sovereignty. Attendees commit to respectful engagement with themselves, each other, and non-self energies. All skill levels and orientations are welcome. This workshop is for participants 21+ 


Magical Body Fluids: Shit, Cum, Spit, Piss, Blood, Squirt, & Magical Eroticism

In Magical Body Fluids, we will explore the social taboos & magical principles of the body, our fluids, and ritual ways of reconnecting to both. From the highly charged and conductive power of blood, tears & sex fluids to the boundary defining nature of spit, shit, and piss… ours will be quite a journey of the sexiest of humors.

Skills we will utilize:

  • Setting Boundaries and Establishing Sacred Containment
  • Negotiating Consent & Play Perimeters with Spirits, Self, and Partner
  • A basic personal understanding of magic and ritual rooted in a supportive cosmology

Objectives we will explore:

  • Working with Blood, Sweat, & Tears in ritual as sacrifice, communion with ancestor, & accessing power
  • Working with Sex Magic & Fluids in rituals of enthrallment & empowerment
  • Working with Shit & Piss for banishment, domination & protection
  • Working with Spit in defensive magic & erotic spell casting
  • Working with Breath to connect with and raise energy within the body

Preparation Suggestions:

  • Prepare an altar for grounding and learning. Be sure to leave offerings for your ancestors and helping spirits.
  • Include on your altar tools, toys, symbols that empower your bodily & erotic autonomy!
  • Bring a pen, journal, and basic items you reasonably and considerately need to be comfortable while sharing and contributing to a group learning space.
  • SPACE NOTE: please let the host space know of any accessibility needs you have prior to attendance; we will work to accommodate to the best of our ability and resources. Venues are not guaranteed scent free due to the nature of work within space.
      • 9/08 – 101: Ritual Foundations for Erotic Explorations
      • 9/15 – 201: Magical Body Fluids
      • 9/22 – 301: Psychic Sexuality
    • 5:30pm-7:30pm
    • $30 per class
      • Sliding scale available for folks experiencing financial barriers due to systems of oppression
    • No need to RSVP, just show up!
    • All MAGICAE EROTICAE participants are invited to attend NAKED KARAOKE afterwards at 8pm!

Ylva Mara Radziszewski is Bimbo Yaga, the trans MILF of your wet dreams. She is a traditional witch, herbalist, artist, and erotically unhinged femme of Romani and Eastern European heritage currently living in New Orleans, traditionally known as Bulbancha; ancestral Chitimacha land. Her ritual and art practice are interwoven; for them magic is art and art is healing. Founder of the School Of Traditional Magic, author of A Practical Guide for Witches, co-creator of The Living Altar, featured in WITCHCRAFT by TASCHEN for LIBRARY ESOTERICA. For more information about Ylva’s work:



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September 15
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


33 NW 9th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
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